Company behind Seeker

Seeker, LLC was created by an IT security professional disappointed with present-day software offerings in the area of data loss prevention/sensitive data discovery software for businesses – more specifically, with the fact that vendors tend to charge a license fee aggressively targeting mid-to-large-sized companies and universities by charging per-user/per-server/per-workstation/per-website license fees on a scale that barely declines with increasing installation sizes.

Seeker instead uses a simple licensing model, which allows unlimited host scanning at a very affordable price.

Seeker, LLC

Our Team

Ross GeerlingsFounder and CEO

Ross Geerlings

Founder and CEO

Ross Geerlings (CISSP, OSCP) is an experienced IT security professional with a history of tailoring solutions for organizations to enhance security capabilities and mitigate institutional risk. He has served as a product manager for data loss prevention, penetration testing, and vulnerability management at one of the largest universities in the world. Ross’ deep, diverse skill set, proven ability to identify security gaps, and penchant for producing solutions have helped organizations to be effective even when working within tight budget constraints.

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