Welcome to a new era in sensitive data discovery

Seeker is data loss prevention (DLP) software designed to fill the gap between DLP software priced out of most reasonable budgets and free DLP scanning software that is generally either not able to manageably scan at any significant scale or not able to effectively work with many file formats.

Manage everything from one place

Seeker was designed with a strong focus on allowing an administrator to work from a single console to scan data at rest across servers, client Windows and Mac workstations, and SMB file shares in a Windows and Active Directory environment. It also scans websites, DMBS Servers (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) and even OneDrive cloud storage.

Seeker DLP Console
Seeker Reporting

Actionable reports

In addition to detecting the most common forms of sensitive data such as social security numbers and credit cards, Seeker can also flag files within scan results having file system permissions that might be of concern (e.g. the Everyone group has Read rights to a file with SSNs). Additionally, Seeker allows you to alert on given strings in the path of a file, i.e. “Dropbox” or “OneDrive”.

Customizable Detection Patterns

Seeker comes with the ability to detect things like social security numbers, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc.) and more. Looking for something specific to your organization? Not a problem, as Seeker allows customer patterns that can easily be added to any scan.

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Get started today

Start scanning for sensitive data in minutes. Seeker offers a 30 day trial to see if it is the right fit
for your environment.
  • Seeker has completely changed the way we run our DLP service. Previously, we struggled to ensure all assets were being scanned due to cost and configuration difficulties. With Seeker, these challenges are gone.
    Chris H.